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Professional laundering of hospitality linen and hospitality textiles is an essential part of linen management. Blycolin is a specialist provider of professional laundry services. Rely on us to make sure all your bedding, bath towels, towels, serviettes, bathrobes, kitchen towels and chef’s clothing are ready for spotlessly welcoming your guests.

Sufficient capacity, professional partners, constant quality improvements

Blycolin has associations with several partner laundries throughout Europe. We select these partners for their professionalism, performance, strategic locations, operational management and stability. In addition, in choosing partner laundries we also strongly consider their performances in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. Our vast network is a guarantee that you will never be without clean products. In the event of a failure, we always have immediate back-up available so that your business can continue as usual.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we operate two laundries of our own. These are fully operational in providing sufficient laundry capacity. They also serve as a test lab for all sorts of new developments in industrial laundering. For instance in the area of energy savings, the improvement of processes and machines, the reduction of laundering agents or the control of waste flows.

We share the knowledge and experience that we gain with our partner laundries. And vice versa. So that we can keep the high quality of our collections constant, regardless of how many laundry cycles they have been subjected to. In the manufacture of our linen we even apply production methods developed to improve laundering results. For instance by pre-dyeing threads we achieve that colours remain stable and fresh. We also monitor the quality of the output of our (partner) laundries. In association with renowned research institutes we have developed quality control systems for exactly measuring the outcome of the laundry sessions.

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