Great showroom with a beautiful platform to show the assortment in real life

R&R Hotel Room Furnishings is a new company that designs and fully furnishes hotel rooms. Trendy, functional, beautiful and with a very attractive price-quality ratio. Blycolin is closely involved with this innovator in hotel room furnishings as linen partner.

R&R Hotel Room Furnishings was founded by Richard Roeland and Richard van de Velde. Both have over twenty years experience as hotel owners and proprietors of, among others, GT Garderen and TI Raalte. They have also renovated and decorated a few of their own hotels. “When furnishing our last project we came into contact with a Polish furniture manufacturer, who has been producing beautiful hotel furniture for over thirty years. We visited the factory for our own project”, they tell. “In Poland, we got so excited about the quality and the interesting prices, that we decided to have our own project furnished by this manufacturer. Then, the ball started rolling and the idea for R&R was born. Together with the Polish manufacturer, we now own a new furniture factory in Poland, where we manufacture our own hotel furniture.”

Showroom in Soest
The results of this endeavor can be admired in R&R’s showroom in Soest. On appointment, you can view ten different hotel rooms, which have been completely decorated with furniture from their own factory. The hotel and bathroom linen in the showroom comes from Blycolin. “We like to cooperate with new initiatives of our customers. Together with Richard and Richard and with Danielle van Kleef, the project was discussed and it seemed a good addition to both parties”, Casimier Stahlecker, regional manager at Blycolin, states.

“When R&R approached us to be partner for the linen in their showroom, we didn’t hesitate for one second”, Jacqueline Mommer, head of Marketing and Communications at Blycolin says. “Besides the fact that we think R&R is a very strong concept, the showroom is also a great platform for us to show what we have in store in real life. So we make the most of it by, for instance, showcasing the bed runners and decorative pillows from our SnooZZ collection.”

Made-to-measure for every room
The showroom has ten different rooms as examples and for inspiration. Richard and Richard: “When colleagues or customers want to do business, we make propositions for the design of the hotel rooms. In those designs, we incorporate the latest trends which we link to functionality. We supply made-to-measure work that fits the customers’ wishes perfectly. Due to our experience in project management, we go as far as determining what the best and most efficient solution is for every individual hotel room. We supply the rooms complete with soft furnishings, but not necessarily. Customers can also come to us for just furniture or just soft furnishings.”

You can find the R&R Hotel Room Furnishings’ showroom on the Industrieweg 25E in Soest. For making an appointment, you can call +31 35 – 767 6666, or make an appointment through your regional manager. Our telephone number is +31 418 – 54 1800.

For more information on the showroom, visit the website.

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