Joint Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been enshrined in the company policy of Blycolin. With progressing insights we make every effort of keeping a healthy balance between people, planet and profit. With green services and sustainable products we also support you in your pursuit of CSR.

Every support for your CSR objectives

It becomes ever more important for companies, like yours and ours, to put CSR high on our agendas. For a better environment and an honest society. And for your guests and business associates who also prefer a CSR conscious counterpart. Like we do, for instance when we seek cooperation with a new partner laundry.

If so desired, Blycolin offers you every support to actively address CSR in your company. Offering a choice of sustainable linen collections marketed by the name of Embrace. By selecting sustainably manufactured bedding, bath linen or table linen you take another step forward in your CSR policy. Without any additional effort or investment. And without compromising quality. All linen products in the Embrace collections comply with the highest standards. We gladly support you in expressing your commitment to CSR with subtle references on our product labels and cards you can use to show to your guests you care.

We also work on green services behind the scenes. It is inspiring to known in the context of your CSR policy that we actively work to reduce CO2 emissions, that we launder in an energy efficient and water saving manner and that we select our preferred suppliers for responsible conduct to man and the environment.

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