CSR is anchored rock-solid

Corporate Social Responsibility is anchored rock-solid in our corporate policy. That is also underscored by the fact that we are partner of MVO Nederland (CSR The Netherlands).

The dimensions in which we want and can be CSR active
CSR is a broad notion. Blycolin distills this to the dimensions in which we are active and we can and want to contribute, so we can achieve our goals. We distinguish four dimensions in our company.

People and their wellbeing
You and our people. People everywhere in the world contributing to our products and services. Our business partners and suppliers. And all others.

Entrepreneurship for and in the community
Taking and executing initiatives that contribute to social securities and a healthy progression therein.

Sustainable purchasing
By contributing to responsible raw materials and production processes and ensure that people in the entire chain are being treated fairly.

Care for the environment
We do everything within our powers to reduce the environmental burden of our product-service combination in the complete cycle from purchasing to recycling to a level with healthy perspectives.

Code of Conduct
In our goal to implement CSR and sustainable purchasing as widely as possible, we also exclusively cooperate with suppliers that have a conscious and active CSR policy. A fixed component of the agreement we enter into with suppliers, is our Code of Conduct. We are very persistent about this. Not signing the Code of Conduct means no cooperation with us!

Together with you
We understand that CSR is a living process that constantly leads to new insights and solutions. We are partners of MVO Nederland (CSR The Netherlands) and continuously work on sustainability. Preferably together with you. We like to take your ideas into account in our goal of combining growth with sustainable work methods. You are welcome to further discuss this with us. Please email welkom@blycolin.com to arrange a meeting!

You can also contact us to read our entire CSR thoughts (policy). You can of course view our Code of Conduct and the self declaration by downloading these here.

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