We follow the carbon footprint

Carbon dioxide emissions cause the greenhouse effect and fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and diesel, are the greatest polluters in the atmosphere. In reference to its CSR policy, Blycolin aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible. We use the so-called carbon footprint to gain insight into the greenhouse gasses we produce with our activities and that we want to reduce.

Naming, dividing and improving
With the carbon footprint, we indentify the emissions we cause and then divide them into categories. Now we are not an extremely polluting company, but we still want to contribute to a better environment. For instance in our transport. All of our trucks are fitted with soot filters. We also ensure an efficient use of transport to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. And with result. Over the past years, we have realized an 8% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Also in our own laundry facilities, we try to decrease the carbon dioxide pollution. In Maasmechelen, green energy is used. Besides this, we work with partners such as laundry facilities and linen manufacturers that actively and consciously want to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible.

Carbon dioxide emissions by fossil fuels and energy consumption are inextricably connected. As we all know we will run out of fossil fuels one day, we wish to reduce our energy consumption. We do so by, among others, our car fleet that is comprised of energy-efficient cars. And in our laundry facilities, that conform to the long-term agreement in energy efficiency 3 (MJA-3). Part of that agreement for laundry facilities is using 8% less energy in the coming years and thereby further decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

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