Smooth and carefree linen management

Entrust us with your linen rental. That is all you need to do and Blycolin will take care of all aspects of your linen management from there. Smoothly and carefree. From (sustainable) product development, purchasing, investment, linen rental and sale, stock control, internal and external logistics, industrial laundry service up to broad management support services.

Control of the entire chain
Due to the heavy-duty requirements, hospitality linen must be of the highest quality. The products we have developed in close cooperation with renowned manufacturers are all specifically made for the hospitality industry. Beautiful, trendy and distinguishing linen for your guest rooms, bathrooms, restaurant, wellness centre and kitchen. Manufactured to remain in perfect condition top-quality over a long period of intensive use. In our product development and purchasing of hospitality linen we also increasingly include sustainable products.

Apart from high quality linen, you must also be able to trust that everything is properly organized and smoothly coordinated. So you will always have sufficient and spotless hospitality linen at your disposal at the right place and time. Blycolin is in total control of chain management, providing all the services essential to perfect linen management. Like laundering your linen. To this end we collaborate with selected industrial partner laundries that professionally comply with our mutually set requirements.

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