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The linen you use has to be beautiful, innovative, distinguishing and extremely strong. And it has to stay that way for many years of use. At Blycolin, we don't settle for less with the various linen collections we have developed from forty years of experience and knowledge. What else to expect of a specialist in linen services for the hospitality industry?

Linen collections that meet your needs

We develop our linen collections in close association with production partners who are specialized in linen. These professional partners know exactly with which high requirements they need to comply and are aware of the latest trends and developments in linen for the hospitality industry. As a consequence we can constantly innovate and expand our product lines, like we have done with the Embrace Collection. As a result, we are able to offer you an ever larger choice of sustainably developed linen products.

We manage the stock of your linen proactively with a broad initial norm. We gear the stock to your use, so that you always have sufficient linen at your disposal. Even if your needs suddenly increase or fluctuate periodically. With the collections we purchase and develop, we see to it that we keep them in our assortment for a long period of time so we can continue deliveries in case of rejection or loss. In addition, we ensure that your linen package is of constant quality. Linen, that no longer complies with your and our requirements, will be immediately replaced.

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