We completely endorse the principles and guidelines of ISO 26000

Blycolin is ISO 9001 and Certex certified. Valuable certificates that offer securities in the quality of products, services and as a guarantee of continuity. However, in our opinion, they insufficiently go into principles and guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility. ISO 26000 does.

ISO 26000 is the official international guideline to anchor sustainable entrepreneurship and put it into practice. The guideline is based on seven CSR core themes: proper management, human rights, working conditions, environment, fair business, consumer interests, social involvement and development. We completely conform to this guideline and therefore signed the guidelines and principles of ISO 26000. So we can make it clear in black and white that we integrate and apply the ISO 26000 core themes in our company policy. You can of course view our self declaration by downloading it below.

In this self declaration, we designated various cumulative focal points that we want to and can carry out in our CSR policy. Such as extreme transparence about and in our Code of Conduct, our carbon footprint and discussing our joint efforts in CSR with our stakeholders. Other focal points are, among others, further optimization of logistic flows, express participation in projects for sustainable fibers and the purchase thereof, energy saving and the use of sustainable energy.

In contrast to other ISO certifications, ISO 26000 is a self declaration for which no external audits are carried out, as ISO justly believes that CSR is a constantly progressing process that cannot be recorded at one particular moment. The link below to NEN ISO 26000 will provide you insight into the ISO 26000 process, that is used by an increasing amount of companies as a frame of reference and guideline to put their CSR into practice. As we are doing now.

More information on NEN ISO 26000, publication platform

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