Green Meet*s first to use New Atlantic

“That recycled towel belongs here perfectly”

Green Meet*s in Erica in the Dutch province of Drenthe is, according to its own statements, the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands and far beyond. The hotel was built with sustainable building and Corporate Social Responsibility as a starting point and main objective. When Blycolin had recently presented the New Atlantic recycled towel, Green Meet*s was quick to be the first hotel in the Netherlands to choose this sustainably manufactured bath linen for its bathrooms. “Of course”, says Sione Götte, who operates Green Meet*s together with her husband Emile.

The development and construction of Green Meet*s was an ambitious project of the Griedtsveen Holding. “It was a very conscious choice to implement CSR as much as possible in the use of materials, technical facilities and operational management:, says Sione Götte enthusiastically. “I also think this is logical. CSR is no longer a trend. It is and must be the standard.”

Green Meet*s, which apart from accommodation also disposes of a golf course, a wellness centre and the conference centre De Fijnfabriek, is an ultimate example of how CSR can be set as a standard. Among other things, Green Meet*s uses heat containers deep underground for the heating of the buildings. The lobby has specially insulating glass that keeps heat in during the winter and out during the summer. There are no light bulbs anywhere in the hotel. Everything is illuminated with LED mood lighting. Of course there are also solar panels that underline the aim of not relying on fossil fuels. Also special is the way how Green Meet*s handles the complete water regime. Waste water is filtered behind the hotel in a so called helophyte filter. This purifies the water in a natural manner after which it is used to water the golf course. Hence, it is not amazing that Green Meet*s is regularly the scene for (inter)national conferences about sustainability and CSR. After all, participants from all over the world will be amidst the perfect example of how this can be done.

Attention to detail
“We take it as far as we can and the (technical) possibilities permit”, explains Sione. “In addition to elements like light, energy and for instance noise control, we also expressly focus on the food. Well over 90% of the menu in our restaurant consists of organic and fair trade products.”
The increasing flow of guests of Green Meet*s appreciates the philosophy of the accommodation. Sione: “We notice that our guests of all ages are dealing with sustainability, energy saving and a healthy attitude towards the environment, both consciously and unconsciously. Some guests expressly mention this, others do not. They enjoy the high, sustainable comfort and the way we handle things. We notice this from the feedback that we get and the results that we achieve. Guests who dine here for the very first time do, for instance, often immediately book a table for the next day. After all, it does all taste really good.”
Sione, Emile and their staff approach the guests at a warm, human scale that suits the image of Green Meet*s perfectly. “We actually go back to the basics, as it should be everywhere. We welcome our guests with a personal handshake. To us, they are not a room number. We also want to know and recognise the guest. This is very much appreciated.”

Positive feedback from guests
Green Meet*s has been using the New Atlantic recycled towels of Blycolin for quite a while now. And? “We are very positive about all the linen of Blycolin that we use. Also about the new towel that belongs here perfectly. The towel has a soft feel and also stays soft and in shape after laundering. We have had quite some positive feedback from our guests. Not so long ago, a director of DSM involved with sustainable developments by his company stayed with us. He had noticed from the label that we use recycled towels and he expressly mentioned this to us. Recapitulating he said: ‘Very good and wonderful that you have these’. In our opinion the label could certainly be a little bit bigger in order for other guests to notice this sooner. After all, it is a new element of our CSR policy and we want to make sure our guests are aware of it.”

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