“With Blycolin, our linen management is taken care of”

according to Ellis Verlinden, location manager Wellness Boat in Mill.

Wellness centers have specific demands for their linens. And they are high demands, too. “That’s because our guests use the linen all day long. They walk in it, lie on it, dry themselves with it and are given treatments on it. Therefore, it always has to be spotlessly clean, strong, soft and certainly not worn out. Should that be the case, you are judged on it as a wellness center. No matter how well all other facilities are,” Ellis Verlinden says.

She is location manager of the Wellness Boat in Mill. This unique accommodation is a part of the Fitland Group, that has expanded immensely over the past few years. It is unique, because, as the name indicates, the wellness center is located on a beautiful boat that would not be unbecoming in the Monaco harbor. The level of service matches the boat. Visitors can have themselves spoilt and entertained both indoors and outside on the decks. With, for instance, pools, all sorts of saunas, plunge and steam baths, whirlpools, relaxation rooms and restaurants.

‘One call is sufficient”
Blycolin is the Wellness Boat’s linen partner, as well as of the Fitland Hotel Dormylle, which is located nearby on the shore. Ellis Verlinden is very happy and satisfied with the cooperation with Blycolin. “It really is carefree, because we do not have to bother about the linen management at all. When something is worn out, it is replaced immediately. The laundry is taken care of and all the linen always looks perfect. And in the unlikely event that things aren’t perfect, one phone call is sufficient to solve the problem.”

Added value
“A great added value of Blycolin to me, is the complete service package and the way in which the company always acts in the customer’s interest. In the beginning, when we started here, we needed very large deliveries in one go. At Blycolin, these things are very well thought through. They ensured the package we needed was absolutely complete. It is also nice that the same company caters to both the Wellness Boat and our hotel. These are two very different disciplines in the hospitality branch with varying wishes and requirements. Blycolin meets these effortlessly.”

“When I look at my specific branch of wellness, the linen package and services are strongly attuned to that business. With towels of the right size, soft materials in bathrobes and color collections which can be matched to the use of the linen. For instance, immaculate white to wear or to dry off and deeper colors for working with oils. I can therefore recommend cooperation with Blycolin for carefree linen management to all my colleagues.”

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